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Corporate Data

Company Name Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd.
Head Office 5F Eslead Bldg.Honmachi,1-4-8,Honmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,541-0053 Japan
Tel: 81-6-6261-8881 Fax: 81-6-6261-5510
Established August 8, 1919
Incorporated March 24, 1947
Paid-in Capital ¥1,136 million
Number of Employees 230 ( 70 temporary employees included )
Major Banks
  • MUFG Bank,Ltd. Uehonmachi Branch
  • Resona Bank Limited, Ueroku Branch
  • Mizuho Bank Limited, Nanba Branch
  • The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company, Limited, Osaka Branch
Board of directors
  • President : Ryoichi Kisoi
  • Director : Yasuhiro Kaneshiro
  • Director : Hajime Matsuyama
  • Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member : Sueyoshi Murazumi
  • Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member : Takumi Nakao
  • Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member : Yoshihiro Obayashi
  • Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member : Koji Shimokawa
Main Products Electric wire and cable
Rubber-insulated flexible wire and cable and synthetic rubber-insulated flexible wire and cable
  • ・Natural rubber-sheathed flexible cable
  • ・Chloroprene rubber-sheathed flexible cable
  • ・EP rubber-insulated chloroprene-sheathed flexible cable
  • ・Welding cable
  • ・Rubber-sheathed flexible cord
  • ・Earthquake-resistant rubber flexible cable
    (Product name: Star Mic)
  • ・Rubber-insulated lead wire
Plastic-insulated flexible wire and cable
  • ・600vPVC sheathed flexible cable (VCT)
  • ・600vPEX sheathed flexible cable (flat)
  • ・PVC flexible cable)
  • ・Earthquake-resistant flexible cable)
  • ・Heat-resistant flexible cable)
  • ・Ultra-soft PVC sheathed flexible cable (Product name: Star Soft)
  • ・Ultra-soft PVC sheathed flexible cord (Product name: Star Soft)
  • ・Oil-resistant, heat-resistant, earthquake-resistant flexible cable (Product name: Star Mic)
  • ・Oil-resistant, heat-resistant, earthquake-resistant flexible cord (Product name: Star Mic)
Overseas standard products (UL)
  • ・Appliance Wiring Material(AWM) File No. E217141
  • ・Flexible Cord File No. E217140
  • ・Portable Power Cable File No. E229806
CE Marking Item
  • ・Flexible Cable 60227IEC75
CCC(China Compulsory Certification)
  • ・Non-sheathed Cable 227IEC02(RV)
  • ・Non-sheathed Cable 227IEC06(RV)
  • ・Flexible Cable 227IEC75(RVVY)
  • ・Flexible Cable 245IEC66(YCW)
Extruded synthetic resin products
  • Habiron Packing
    (Building materials, refrigerators, electronic equipment, vehicles, engineering)
  • Industrial products (rubber and plastic)
    (Building materials, electronic equipment, automobiles, marine shipping,vehicles and aircraft)
High-Performance Tubes
  • ・Thermoflon series
  • ・Perfluoro series
  • ・Ramflon series
  • ・Populex series
  • ・Thermoflon seat
List of Locations
  • Osaka Branch (Electric Wire and Cable) ・Osaka Office (Polymatec)Details
  • Tokyo Branch (Electric Wire and Cable) ・Tokyo Office (Polymatec)Details
  • Kyushu Office (Electric Wire and Cable)Details
  • Nagoya Office (Electric Wire and Cable)Details
  • Habikino Factory (Polymatec)Details
  • Shiga Factory (Electric Wire and Cable)Details
  • Silver Kohki Co., LtdDetails
  • Mitsuboshi Philippines CorporationDetails