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Message from the management

The Mitsuboshi group comprises the businesses of flexible cable employed in the front lines of industry, rigid contour extrusion products applying extruded synthetic resin technology, and flexible fluoro-rubber high-performance tubes. In addition, Silver Kohki Co., Ltd., which possesses high technology in metal processing and product development, joined our group as a subsidiary on the 1st of October 2004. As a result, the group expanded business into three major fields.
In order to further enhance the value of the company Mitsuboshi, we uphold the belief that our customers come first, and while naturally improving quality, price and distribution, we endeavor to build and advance our business by developing products ahead of clients’ needs in each market through our combined technology cultivated in each field.

Our group strives to establish a solid business structure ready to respond flexibly and quickly to any change in the management environment. We seek to earn our customers’ trust and retain satisfaction by expanding our markets and business fields. In addition, we aspire to be a business consistantly contributing to society through our fair and sound business activity. Mistuboshi looks forward to further providing our customers with comprehensive, high-performance technology.

Ryoichi Kisoi