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Corporation name Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd.
Head office location 5F, Eslead Bldg, Honmachi, 1-4-8, Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0053
Telephone (06) 6261-8881 FAX (06) 6261-5510
Foundation August 8, 1919
Establishment March 24, 1947
Capital 1,136,518 thousand yen
Employee 231 people in total (including 72 temporary employees)
Main bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Uehonmachi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Namba Branch
Ikeda Sensyu Bank Sakaisuji Branch
Resona Bank Ueroku Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Osaka Central Branch
Officer President: Kunihiro Aoki
Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee member: Masayuki Watanabe
Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee member: Masanori Kato
Outside Director & Audit and Supervisory Committee member: Hisamitsu Yoshinaga
Executive Officer: Shota Hamamoto Executive Officer: Yasutomo Maeda
Executive Officer: Gen Matsuyama
Executive Officer: Shinobu Hanyu
Business content Electric wire, synthetic resin extruded products, high-performance tubes, and heating wires, manufacture and sales


  • 1947 Founded Mitsuboshi Trading Co., Ltd with a capital of 190,000 yen
    Same year capital increase to 1.5 million yen
    1950 Opened Tokyo branch office and Kyushu branch office
    1952 Started production of four kinds of wires and cords
    1958 Started production of vinyl wire IV. Inauguration of new headquarters building.
    1959 Capital 8 million yen
    1961 Closed Imazato Factory and opened Habikino Factory.
    Started manufacturing rubber and vinyl cabtyre(flexible) cables.
    1963 Started manufacturing synthetic resin soft extruded products Capital 16 million yen
    1966 Inauguration of new building of Kyushu Sales Office
    1968 Capital 32 million yen
    1971 Changed the trade name to Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd. Capital 48 million yen
    1972 Maruwa Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. merged to open Hirano Factory. Capital 56 million yen.
    1973 Capital 112 million yen
    1976 Started manufacturing rigid extrusion products
    1979 Capital 123 million yen
  • 1980 Opened Shiga factory and integrated electric wire manufacturing department.
    Capital 135 million yen.
    1981 Developed technology for aluminum extrusion compounding Capital 149 million yen
    1982 Opened Sapporo branch office. Capital 163 million yen.
    1985 JIS display permission for flat rubber cord Opened Sendai branch office
    1991 Capital 221 million yen
    1992 Merged with Shinsei Co., Ltd.
    1993 Kyushu sales office relocation new building inauguration.
    1994 Opened Nagoya branch office
    1996 Registered over-the-counter stock with Japan Securities Dealers Association Capital 468 million yen
    1997 Relocation of the Tokyo sales office (electric wire department)
    Inauguration of new building
    The Electrical Wire and Cable Department acquired ISO 9001
    Certification for its quality assessment and registration system.
    Capital 1136 million yen 50th anniversary of establishment
  • 2000 Acquired certification based on ISO9002 quality system examination registration system in Polymatech Division
    2001 Promoted Nagoya branch office to Nagoya sales office
    2003 Opened Osaka sales office and Nagoya branch office of Polymatech Division
    2004 Acquired all shares of Silver Koki Co., Ltd. (made it a wholly owned subsidiary)
    2004 Canceled over-the-counter registration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed its shares on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
    2007 Established MITSUBOSHI PHILIPPINES CORPORATION in the Philippines and celebrate 60th anniversary
    2010 Established MITSUBOSHI THAI CO., LTD. in Thailand
    2010 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ due to the merger of the JASDAQ Securities Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
    2013 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard) due to the integration of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange.
    2017 70th anniversary of the relocation of the Tokyo branch and Tokyo sales office to Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    2019 Headquarters moved to Chuo-ku, Osaka
    100th anniversary of establishment (exhibition event)
    2020 Opened a technology development center at Shiga Factory
    2022 Transition to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market