We convey all The Mitsuboshi Group technology in different areas, to continently contribute to our customers.

Mitsuboshi Group is established of three division. First the Electric Wires Division which is one of the pioneer on flexible cables, second the Polymertech Division which mainly is dedicated on manufacture of extruded products, and at last Heating Wires Division which has mainly their resistance wires In order to further increase the corporate value of Mitsuboshi, we endeavor to build and advance our business by developing products ahead of clients’ needs in each market through our combined technology cultivated in each field. We always concentrate our efforts on developing products that meet the needs of customers in each market.

Our group strives to establish a solid business structure ready to respond flexibly and quickly to any change in the management environment. We seek to earn our customers’ trust and retain satisfaction by expanding our markets and business fields. In addition, by conducting fair and opened activities, we want to be a company that continues contribute to society. Mistuboshi looks forward to further providing our customers with comprehensive, high-performance technology.

Kunihiro Aoki

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